Sbisa's Cafe

The New Orleans Landmark, Reborn

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Sbisa's Cafe began in 1899, when the Sbisa family purchased the three-story building across from the bustling French Market. Its clientele ranged from businessmen, who worked in heart of the then New Orleans financial district to visitors, passing through one of the nation's largest cities.

The building's history, however, starts in 1820, when it was built as a chandlery, providing soaps, candles and wax to the ships on the Mississippi River. Continuing to cater to sailors, the building next became a bank, where seafarers' wages were stored and finally a bar, with an upstairs brothel. Some of the patrons are still found lingering on the third floor.


Upon entering Sbisa's Cafe, you are enveloped in its rich history. Our carved, mahogany bar dates to 1903 and has hosted musicians, artists, locals and tourists together. Above it lies famous artist and Sbisa's regular George Dureau's painting, whose characters include Sbisa's employees, other regulars and even George himself.

We're so proud to be reopening, with the wonderful food we're known for, while staying true to our Old-World charm.

We like to think some things just get better with age.

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Beautiful Bar!

"The place is really quite lovely, with a great art deco feel to it and I enjoyed chatting with the bartender. The drinks menu was varied and I enjoyed sampling a few glasses. A really nice and classy place to get a night-out started."